Matt's Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV

Matt's Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV

Carburettor Coffee Club visit No. 7 *Sponsored by players_shows*

Ciao Coffee fans! Say hello to Matt and his gorgeous 1970 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV. 🤤

Currently drinking: Giulietta (of course)
Preferred brew method: Aeropress

We arrived deep into the heart of Staffordshire on a very wet Sunday afternoon; Matt rolled up the shutters that guard the bottom of his 3 story converted industrial mill, to reveal a true Italian beauty. This car is sublime!

After drying off and enjoying a freshly Aeropressed mug of our Italian dark roast, we talked all things Alfa!

The lines on the 1750 are exquisite, gazing down the body, via the classic circular wing mirrors, reveal angles and lines nothing short of artwork. Matt tells us that despite all his years of ownership, he'll still look at his pride and joy, to find a line that's new to him. There's a real love here (and who can blame him?!?)

All of us were super excited to take the Alfa into the Staffordshire Moorlands, despite the weather. The photography wizard @jamie_bufton_photo loved every
second, though he did end up a little soggy!
Technicals and work completed: 
Restored originally in 2010, purchased by Matt in 2017 and since then: 
🍀Lowering and handling package
🍀Adjustable top arms
🍀GTA style alloy wheels
🍀Rebuilt engine with Spruell Motorsports 1870cc  conversion
🍀Oversize inlet and exhaust valves 
🍀Ported head
🍀High lift cams 
🍀Balanced bottom end 
🍀Lightweight flywheel
🍀Rebuilt gearbox
🍀Rear seat delete (now the dog shelf for Rupert)🐾
🍀Heigo half cage
🍀Momo Prototipo steering wheele
🍀Trimmed interior Lotus Elise S1 seats 
🍀Hours with a mop and good quality wax.
A huge thank you to @alfa_matt, Lorraine and Rupert for having us round, getting behind our coffee and thrashing that gorgeous Alfa through some pretty heavy weather 👌
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