Jim's 1960 Renault 4 CV

Jim's 1960 Renault 4 CV

We clapped eyes on this little red beauty after the Plymouth shoot back in July. We were fairly confident we knew what it was! Alas, we were very much mistaken, but regardless, it's gorgeous.

We met Jim at the end of a rather hot Classic Nostalgia at the beautiful @shelsleywalsh .

As Jim showed us round, people stopped to ask what this beautiful machine was, and Jim loves to hear the suggestions that fly around… but eventually, he gives in, and reveals the make and model.

After stepping down from full time work in the fire service, Jim decided to invest in a classic car… and boy did he choose well!

Imported and restored 18 years ago by one of the UKs leading Renault specialists, Jim’s kept it immaculate since his purchase of the vehicle via auction in 2020.

he new engine installed was from a 1982 Renault R5 of 1400cc fitted with twin downdraft carbs, a stainless bespoke exhaust system, Renault R10 gearbox, R8 front brake discs, rears from a Clio and bespoke cooling system with a motorbike radiator mounted horizontally at the front of the car.

We love this little motor!

Keep your eye out for the next carburettor Coffee Club where we feature a car that isn't red! 🔴🔴🔴

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