Dave's De Tomaso Pantera GTS

Dave's De Tomaso Pantera GTS

Visit No.6 *Sponsored by WeAreScramblers*

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Feature No. 6 sees us welcome Dave and his breathtaking 1973 De Tomaso Pantera GTS. Just look at this thing... there aren’t many machines that look or sound like this! It's something truly special. Imported from Majorca in 2016, this machine is the pinnacle of Dave’s car history. Dave's had a passion for Italian cars for as long as he can remember, and over the years he he's been a classic and prestige car dealer -- and has driven most things with an Alfa Badge on it. We were welcomed to gaze upon Dave’s pride and joy, with the interior, exterior, and mechanical engineering of this car being entirely different to anything we’d seen. Having the engine manifold sitting out the middle of the body of this car is one of the many factors that makes it so unique. The custom exhaust curated by Quick Motorsport adds a lovely burble at low speeds, with a full ‘end of the world’ roar as Dave gets through the gears. This thing breathes fire too -- the down shifts themselves are a work of art.

As you may notice, the wizard manages to capture the back end of this car rather well. Props to Jamie for doing so at somewhere near the speed limit on winding B roads.

Technical specs for Dave's De Tomaso Pantera GTS

Modified 5.8 litre Cleveland 4v V8
Ported heads ' tubular exhaust manifolds
4 X 48 mm Dellorto carburetors
Engine work carried out by Quick Motorsport
Gearbox ; ZF 5 speed dogleg trans-axle
Total redesign of cooling system by Graham Quick
Latest by Graham is fabricated performance exhaust boxes
Wheels 8" f 10" R
Split rims with 225/50/15 f 295/50/15 R

Huge thanks to Dave! We had a great time


Stay tuned for our next visit!




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That’s a beautiful car. I’ve known Dave more than 20 years now and he know his taste both with cars and coffee. But he also known nice music instruments and we share that part as we are both bass players.


That’s my brother with his pride and joy. He’s had many classics l er the years but this the only one he has kept for this long . I think it will end up being his vessel to anther life .Hopefully a long way off yet.Will

Susan Witherstone

Hi Guys ’
It was a pleasure to meet you and bring the Pantera to the attention of your customers ’
Wishing you all the success with carburettor Coffee!
a bientot😁👍

Dave Quine

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