Nigel aka Blind Bloke Racing

Nigel aka Blind Bloke Racing

'Iya duck! How are we Coffee fans? Carburettor Coffee ventured deep into Lincolnshire to make coffee for those attending @blindblokeracing 'owt with an engine' gathering.

This was a private event, to celebrate those who have supported Nigel through his journey, following a significant bike crash. Nigel was less than 24 hours away from having his life support turned off but, pulled through. Since then, Nigel has been living life to the full! Most notably Nigel holds the UK record for the Fastest 'Unassisted partially blind rider from a standing start over 1/8th mile' on his triumph Bonneville.

What a guy!

Thanks again Nigel! Can't wait for next year!!

You can find out more about Nigel's story here

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