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How do we brew our coffee?

DISCLAIMER: Our coffee is to be enjoyed by all and everyone will have their own method of brewing. This is how we prefer to do it... if you have a method you would like to share get in touch with us! 

We've enjoyed tinkering around with our blends and here is how we would brew our various grinds: 

Equipment that may help:

~ digital scales

~ measuring scoop

~ bean grinder

~ thermometer


French press / Plunger:

Ratio 70-75 g of coffee to 1litre of water or 35-37.5g of coffee to 500 ml of water 

  1. If using whole beans, grind to a medium coarse consistency (something that resembles caster sugar)
  2. Place the French press on the scales , zero, add the coffee. 
  3. Boil the kettle and allow to cool to 90*c, use the scales to measure out the correct ratio of 75mg/L remembering 1ml of water = 1g
  4. Leave the coffee to steep for 4 minutes; you should get a nice crust like layer forming on top.
  5. After 4 minutes stir the crust which will cause the coffee granules to sink.
  6. Wait another 3 minutes and pop the plunger lid on
  7. SLOWLY press the plunger, too quickly will disturb any settled beans 
  8. Pour and enjoy your freshly brewed Carburettor Coffee.



This little piece of coffee making magic has hundreds of ways to brew coffee. Head to:

Our Favourite: 2016's 3rd place entry:

Coffee: 30g
3/10 (1=very fine, 10=very coarse)
230g @ 86°C
Both Metal & Paper Filter (double filter will also work if you do not have the metal filter)


1. Put the metal filter, then the paper filter, into the filter cap
2. Place filter cap onto the brewer and add the coffee
3. Add 75g water at 86C, and then stir six times
4. Wait for 45 seconds
5. Add 75g water at 86C, and then stir five times
6. Put the plunger into place and wait for one minute
7. Press down on the plunger for 10 seconds
8. Add 150g water at 86C to the brewed coffee


Espresso: We salute you for taking this caffeine based challenge on! Making the perfect espresso at home is not easy. Machines and equipment will vary so we have some general principles to follow: *use digital scales for best results*

These values are to be used when making a double espresso:

  1. Ensure the basket (where the coffee sits in the brew handle) is clean 
  2. Place your brew handle on the weighing scales and zero
  3. Add in 18g of coffee
  4. Tamp your coffee: hold the tamper like a police officer in a movie holds a flashlight / torch. Press down evenly on the coffee to avoid channels occurring within the coffee (this can cause the coffee to become overly bitter)
  5. Weigh the cup you are using  (remember the weight!)
  6. Attach the handle and begin the brewing process
  7. Water should flow through the coffee for 27-28 seconds (time manually if your machine does not have a timer). 
  8. Weigh the cup with the freshly brewed espresso and subtract the weight of the cup
  9. Ideally you should have 27 grams of coffee now in your cup!
  10. Enjoy!