'Queenie' the Mk3 Ford Cortina

'Queenie' the Mk3 Ford Cortina


Naturally, we begin our Carburettor Coffee Club feature with Phil, Natalie, and ‘Queenie’ the 1973 Cortina 1600 L. Phil loves a Coffee; preferred brew method: Aeropress. 

After inviting us in, Phil and Natalie had the kettle boiled ready to try our delicious Cortina blend - how fitting! Aeropressed into his rather lovely Carburettor Coffee mug, there was a healthy dollop of cream added to our house blend, which we fully support! Queenie was recently used as Phil and Natalie’s wedding car. These guys had us in stitches over Phil’s preparation for the wedding… As you can probably guess, 99.9% of his time was devoted to ensuring Queenie was ready to carry the newlyweds from the church, to the venue and onwards. It sat pride and place in the center of the venue and was a hit with everyone. 

Phil is very lucky to have a wife who encourages and now shares his passion for Queenie (... As well as his other automobiles: Astrid day van & Moggy), Natalie even colour co-ordinated the wedding flowers to Queenie’s Daytona yellow paint. 

Phil loves his Cortina, like our movement they resemble opening up the automotive world of exciting cars to the working man.

✅ Completed:
New oil, water and fuel pumps,
New distributor,
New rocker cover,
New thermo,
Welding of side sil,
As well as Interior TLC!

⏳To be completed:
Currently running a 34ICH Carb, which Phil’s upgrading to a Weber 32/36 Twin Choke, for that extra bit of pep!

Queenie has been used daily for commutes of well over 40km! We love seeing these classics being used daily!

Phil summed Queenie up in one phrase…

“Freedom at the turn of a key!” 🔑

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