Arseniy's 1985 Moskvich 2140

Arseniy's 1985 Moskvich 2140

@panda_speed_shop Made the trip to catch up with us at our meet and greet held at @paddockspeedshop. Afterwards we took him out into the bright lights of Dudley to capture these shots!

2 years ago this little gem was pulled out of a field in Latvia, where it had been sat for 17 years. So the usual "barn find" problems had to be dealt with. Seized parts, perished rubber components, leaking brakes and a fuel and ignition system that had seen better days.
Once the car arrived back home Arsieny got it running and replaced all the suspension and brake components, with parts sourced through contacts and from the nooks and crannies of the internet.
Arsieny managed to get it through an MOT so that the UK registration process could begin. Then while waiting for the UK reg to arrive Arsieny built a stainless exhaust system for it from scratch and managed to find a new old stock performance carb.

Once it was road registered, the Moskovic was driven almost as a daily for a few months while working out all the suspension issues. Arseniy wanted to get it as low as possible, but to still be reasonable to drive and have some suspension travel.

Next came the rust repair and respray in the original green colour. Arseniy loved how vibrant it was so I kept it original. 3 months of welding and paint prep and paint came next. All the work was done in the back garden while chasing the flies off the wet paint in the final stage.

Arseniy wanted to do something a bit more special than the flat green, so decided to go for a low-rider candy roof. The design was done on a quiet day at work on a scrap piece of A4. Then came the 50 hours of metallic silver base, lots of tape and candy paint.

The car was finished off with some period correct c pillar lights and American racing wheels to get it to the point it is today.

The finished product in comparison to before is a credit to the skill and sheer determination of @panda_speed_shop. Great guy, great car.

Look forward to the next time our paths cross and can't wait to see the rest of the collection 🤙

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