The Avit' motor sport wedding!

The Avit' motor sport wedding!

We recently had the pleasure of serving our delicious coffee at the wedding weekend of @avitmotorsport’s very own Rachel and Ewan – congratulations to the happy couple! ❤️

Now, let’s talk cars & coffee... 😉

Their 1972 Surtees TS9 (raced in by Mike Hailwood, John Surteees and Derek Bell), 1972 Shaodw DN9 (raced in by Clay Regazzoni), and a multitude of other great racing motors were on full display during the wedding… feast your eyes coffee fans, it’s not often we get F1 cars to showcase.

If you can spot the Cobra with the unique numberplate, would you believe it was in the film Viva Las Vegas, driven by Elvis Presley himself? Ewan and Rachel were really treating us. 

Last but not least, a 1969 Merlyn Mk10/14 was lurking at the bottom of the garden! 

Don't you think road runner looks good seated on this beautiful 1958 (ex-Graham Hill) Lotus L6? 

Head to our other posts on this unique event to get the story behind these motors and more 

We'l be back at it very soon, doing what we do best - FUELLING YOUR DAY 🤝

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